Why Rust Stains Keep Turning Up on Your Concrete

In most cases, you get rust stains on a concrete patio or garage floor because you left metal on that surface and it was exposed to moisture, ambient or otherwise. Patio furniture with metal frames are usually big culprits for rust stains and can leave behind a rust outline on where they are sitting. However, you may have a different rust problem. You may see your patio or walkway covered with a thin layer of orange rust. Where is it coming from and how do you get rid of it?

Why Rust Stains Keep Turning Up on Your Concrete

In most cases, if you have sprinkler system, you can expect some rust on your concrete. The water that comes out can leave that distinctive rust shadow behind if it gets on concrete. Alternatively, some fertilizers will also have this effect.

Regardless of what causes rust stains on concrete, you need to focus on not only removing it, but keeping them gone. Luckily, removing them is pretty easy. You simply need to hire a pressure washing company to come out. Rust cannot simply be sprayed away with a hose because it seeps into the pores of your concrete. It needs to be sprayed at a higher pressure to really penetrate the concrete and flush the rust particles out.

While getting rust out is as simple as making a phone call, the real issue is preventing it from coming back. If it is coming from sprinklers, a simple readjustment may be in order. However, in most cases, ensuring proper drainage around your concrete is key to keeping rust stains off your concrete after you have had it cleaned.

Do you have rust on your concrete? Contact us today so the professionals at APro Pressure Washing can help you get it cleaned up and give our advice on how to keep it from coming back.

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