Why You Should Hire a Pressure Washing Service for Rust Removal

Don’t let rust ruin your property value. Here are five reasons to have a professional take care of rust removal before spring:

Why You Should Hire a Pressure Washing Service for Rust Removal

1. Sanding or grinding is dangerous.

One common alternative to pressure washing rust is sanding down the rusted material, whether it’s metal, wood, or stone. This can be dangerous to the employee tasked with the chore, especially if they don’t have the equipment or the protective gear to minimize the risks. Not only can airborne rust and metals be toxic, but it also exposes their hands to sharp edges.

2. Save more of the surface material.

Pressure washing is a fine-tuned method that can preserve as much of the material (or behind) the rust as possible. Instead of cutting away, grinding, or chemically damaging the rusty material, soaps and high-pressure heated water scrubs away the damage without leaving damage behind.

3. Pressure washing can find adjacent rust spots.

Pressure washing isn’t just for rust removal. It can wash away dirt, graffiti, organic materials, and more. That cleaning process might reveal more rust stains along the way. If you hire a spot rust removal service and then uncover more stains later, it can be costly to bring the service back a second time.

4. Keep the area chemical-free.

If your company has a strong green or environmentally-friendly image, the last thing you want to do is use exterior cleaning chemicals that are bad for the soil or local water table. Pressure washing and biodegradable soaps can keep your building looking great without the backlash.

5. Make the whole property look cleaner at once.

Since pressure and power washing can help combat most stains, you can hire a professional service to clean all of your exterior services. While they may use different tools and settings for different surfaces, it’s still one service and one appointment.

Contact us at APro Pressure Washing to schedule an appointment. We can make rust removal and cleaning simple.

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