From sidewalks to driveways, patios to porches, concrete is a common material used in modern construction. With admirable features, including strength, durability and relative affordability, it’s a smart choice for home and commercial builders. And yet, given it’s physical composition, concrete is a highly porous surface and will, over time, absorb dirt, liquids and other debris that can mar its appearance. However, if regularly cleaned, your concrete surfaces will maintain their pristine appearance and structural integrity. For over 25 years, APro Pressure Washing has been cleaning concrete surfaces for our residential and commercial clients. With our expert power washing service, you can be certain you’re capitalizing on your property’s appearance and protecting the investment you’ve made in your home or business.

Concrete Pressure Washing Removes What You Don’t Want

Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean concrete surfaces, and it produces impressive results. Our clients are often amazed at the difference a good cleaning can make. We invite you to check out our before and after pictures to see for yourself.

Using professional-grade equipment and proven cleaning agents, APro’s pressure washing effectively removes:

  • dirt, pollen, sap and other organic debris
  • leaf stains
  • potted plant rings
  • most oil, gasoline and other industrial liquid stains
  • gum and food residue
  • mildew, moss and mold

Concrete Cleaning Goes Beyond the Aesthetic

Regularly cleaning your concrete will keep your property looking its best, but the benefits are more than superficial. Pressure washing your concrete:

  • protects the structural integrity of the concrete surface
  • helps prevent slips and falls
  • lessens foot-traffic-carried allergens and dirt in the home or business
  • ensures a chemical-free surface for foot traffic
  • discourages pests otherwise drawn to sugary and sticky substances

Boost Real Estate Value and Curb Appeal

Concrete cleaning is an easy and affordable service that protects your real estate investment. Because concrete pressure washing makes such an impact, we’re commonly asked to pressure wash concrete surfaces to prep real estate for sale. Commercial real estate owners seek our professional concrete power washing to fortify their customer service. Many clients schedule our services at regular intervals to ensure their property looks its best year round.

Contact us for Proven Concrete Pressure Washing

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