Tips to Remove Gum from Sidewalks

It is common to find gum on sidewalks because people chew gum and throw it away on the sidewalks when walking. Unfortunately, the gum can get stuck, and if you do not remove it sooner, it will harden and become difficult to remove. Here are tips to remove gum from the sidewalk surfaces.

Tips to Remove Gum from Sidewalks

Scrape It Off
Removing hard gum requires intense scraping. It would be best to have a sharp object such as a knife to remove the gum well. While it may not be easy to remove it at once, you can do away with it if you continue scrapping harder. Remember, you might damage the concrete if you apply high force. So, do it keenly.

Use Ice Cube
Another way to remove stuck gum is by using an ice cube. Avoid using your nails at all costs because it is not only painful, but it can damage your nails, and it will also be time-consuming. So, rub the ice cube on the affected surface and let it stay there for some time before scrapping the gum off.

Rub Alcohol
Alcohol is a universal substance that you can use for many things, including removing gum from concrete. Begin by scraping the top part of the gum and apply alcohol on the remaining part. Let it stay there for about five to ten minutes and scrape it off. Do this repeatedly until you remove all the gum.

Use a Cleaning Detergent 
With multiple cleaning detergents today, it is imperative to know the right one for removing gums from sidewalks. Even though you may decide to remove the gum with alcohol, you will still need to clean it well using an effective cleaning substance to leave the surface sparkling clean. Most cleaning companies know the best substances to apply and do away with the gum. So, you can hire a cleaner to do the job for you.

Contact a Professional Cleaner
While you may want to clean the sidewalks alone to save money, you can never compare it with professional cleaning. A cleaner will remove all the gum and leave your concrete clean. Get in touch with us for effective cleaning services worth your money.

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