Gum Removal For Your Retail Strip Sidewalks

Gum is something no one really talks about anymore. Once you become an adult, no one is telling you to spit it out and gum kind of fades from memory. However, if you own a business or a retail space, gum removal will definitely make its presence known to you. While customers probably aren’t spitting it out on your floor inside, they might do it as they are walking up and think no harm will come from it. However, over time, that gum adheres to the pores in the concrete, is pressed flat, and becomes a magnet for dirt.

Gum Removal For Your Retail Strip Sidewalks

Get enough gum in an area and your sidewalk looks like it is dotted with ugly Dalmatian spots. However, even if you just have one or two black spots from errant gum, the bad news is that getting rid of them is a herculean effort. Even if you head outside with a scraper, you are still going to be left with a stain underneath because the gum is so tightly packed in the pores of the concrete.

The only effective way to remove gum from your sidewalk once it is really packed in there is with pressure washing. By using a combination of high water pressure and warm water, it is able to pry up the gum from inside the pores of the concrete. This safely washes it away leaving no trace that it was ever there. A little pressure washing love for a retail space can be a night and day difference that your customers will definitely notice.

If you have a business or retail space that is covered with those black gum marks or the concrete just needs to be brightened up again, contact us today. APro Pressure Washing can make sure that concrete is left looking like it wash freshly poured with our skilled, damage-free pressure washing technique.

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