3 Signs Your Retail Shopping Strip Should Get Pressure Washed

Spring and summer are almost upon us and you want to make sure your retail shopping strip is in tip top shape. There’s no sign of graffiti, but there are signs of minor chemical spills, or slabs of bubble gum stuck on your sidewalk. Or your buildings might look like the paint is getting old, or you have mold, mildew, moss or algae growing. These are some of the signs you should get your shops pressure washed.

3 Signs Your Retail Shopping Strip Should Get Pressure Washed

There Are Lots Of Gum & Other Stains Along Your Sidewalks

Pressure washers have extremely high settings which will spray off any old gum stain. It can also remove any potential paint spills or chemicals which might be found on your property. If done by an amateur though, you could end up severely damaging your property which is why you should use someone experienced.

Your Buildings Look Like They Need A Paint Job, But Aren’t Peeling Or Fading

Sometimes paint just looks old without even having any signs of peeling or fading. It could just be smudges of smog or dirt which your stores have accumulated over the years. With the right chemicals, a pressure washer can remove just about any old stain and your buildings will look brand new.

Mold, Mildew, Moss & Algae Are Growing Throughout The Shopping Strip

Buildings which are located in areas with a high humidity can see a lot of exposure to moisture, so can the constant threat of rainfall. These annoying pests can grow all over your sidewalks, buildings and parking lots. They might not seem like a big deal at first, but they can eat away at your property and slowly down the road you start getting problems of rotting wood, crumbling concrete or tar. Getting these things removed now is a great and cost effective way of preventing further loss of profit by preventing these disasters.

Call one of our experts and get your business pressure washed!

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