Pressure Washing is a Must Before Repairing Concrete Cracks

Does your driveway, pool deck, or patio have ugly cracks going through it? They don’t look great, and it is true what they say about concrete cracks. If you leave a concrete crack alone, it really will just get worse. However, if you are about to repair those cracks in your concrete through patching, you might want to have the surface pressure washed first.

Pressure Washing is a Must Before Repairing Concrete Cracks

Over time, concrete cracks collect dirt and debris from regular exposure to the elements. This dirt can foster the growth of weeds and grass which can encourage the cracks to grow even larger. What you want to do before repairing these cracks is to get a pressure washing technician to come out and flush out all that dirt. Water used at an appropriate pressure will flush both dirt and weed roots out of a concrete crack quickly without further damaging the concrete.

While removing the weeds from a crack is an obvious must, if you are just going to patch over a crack, do you really need to flush out the dirt? If you want the patch to bind properly you do want to make sure it is clean first. You want the patch to be in contact with as much of the concrete as possible to prevent the crack from growing larger or coming back by cracking the patch itself. If you just spread the patch over the dirt on the interior, you are really just covering it up and when that patch breaks off the top, which it will, your crack will probably be worse underneath.

Whether you want to flush out the dirt and weeds before patching concrete or just want clean, beautiful concrete on your home’s exterior, contact us today. APro Pressure Washing can help get you concrete looking like it was freshly poured.

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