Pressure Washing Tall Commercial Structures

Pressure washing is the most effective way of cleaning commercial structures. Grime, dirt and mildew are removed when you use the proper detergent. A pressure washer uses a high-pressure pump to force water out of a hose pipe. The pipe usually has a nozzle and a metal wand that controls the amount of water coming out. 

Pressure Washing Tall Commercial  Structures


Accumulated stains, grime, dirt and paint, can damage a building. That’s why regular cleaning is recommended. Commercial power washing is done on steel, concrete, wood, aluminum, and wood structures.

Here are some factors that determine how often a tall commercial structure should be cleaned, and they include;

  • Climate: Stains are likely to build up to where it rains a lot.
  • Industry: Commercial structures such as malls and shopping centers should be cleaned regularly to maintain a good appearance. 
  • Location: A building close to busy roads, streets and trees is likely to get dirty and requires cleaning. 


  1. Improve appearance: Routine cleaning by professional cleaners boosts the appearance of a building. It will look new and appealing to clients, employees and shoppers.
  2. Promotes a healthy and safe environment: Mold and mildew can cause bacteria harmful to humans and pets. These pollutants are the prime elements of many allergies and respiratory problems. Regular pressure washing will create a safe environment.
  3. Prevents repairs: The high-pressure water drives away biodegradable pollutants, easily damaging structures.  
  4. Enhances property value: A clean and well-maintained building will attract prospective investors. The property will be valued 5-10% higher than the current value. 
  5. Makes cleaning easier: Pressure washing makes daily cleaning easier since the exterior is cleaned. This is very advantageous, especially when it comes to tall commercial buildings which require a lot of cleaning in a day. 
  6. Saves money: The cost of repairing high-end building structures can be crazy, but scheduling a routine power washing will help save money on expensive replacements and repairs.

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