Keeping Your Pool Patio Safe With Regular Cleaning

If you have an in ground pool, then you look forward to those warm days filled with cannonballs and laughter. However, if you want to keep those days happy, your pool requires regular maintenance. Part of that regular maintenance needs to be keeping the surrounding concrete pool patio clean.

Keeping Your Pool Patio Safe With Regular Cleaning

Even if you don’t have a lot of landscaping around your pool making the deck surface dirty, it will still become dirty. While your pool may be filled with a chemical solution to keep mold and algae from growing, unfortunately that same protection doesn’t extend to the concrete patio surrounding it.

Over time, your concrete deck will be exposed to water. It could come from the pool, the elements, or even just the ambient moisture. Pools are typically built in the sun not just for the pleasure of those that use them, but because the sun keeps the patio around it more dry to prevent algae, mold, or mildew from growing in that moist environment. So if overhead trees have made the area shaded or if there has been a lot of moisture in the area, your patio will start to grow algae. This makes the surface slick, ugly, and dangerous.

However, dangerous algae growth from water around your pool can also be solved by water – namely, pressure washing. Scrubbing your pool patio can take forever and isn’t that effective. However, by having it pressure washed, mold, mildew, and algae are dealt with quickly. Furthermore, they are flushed out of the pores in concrete to keep them from growing back as quickly.

If you have an in ground pool, you want to keep the area around it beautiful as well as safe for your children. If things are getting a little dirty or slick from algae growth, contact us today to see what APro Pressure Washing can do for you.

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