Can You Power Wash a Brick House?

Residents often ask if you can power wash a brick house and the experts agree that yes, you can power wash a brick house using a technique called Soft Pressure Washing. However, before you take a pressure washer to the side of your home, you may want to consult an expert to determine the proper method and if your home is a good candidate. 

Can You Power Wash a Brick House?

Inspect and Repair 

Pressure washing brick is different than pressure washing other exterior materials like siding or hardy plank. Brick, like concrete, is a very porous material. This makes it very susceptible to absorbing water. Once it is water logged, it might chip, crack or break. Aside from the brick itself is the mortar that holds the bricks together.  The older the home, the more likely that these materials could also just wash away with a pressure wash. To avoid these problems, be sure to inspect the brick to look for any loose areas that might pop out during washing. These should be repaired before any pressure washing and allow sufficient time to dry. 

Soft Pressure Washing

Once it is determined that the brick is in good condition, the exterior wall should be washed with a soft “pressure” washing. What is a soft washing? Soft washing, unlike traditional pressure washing that you might use on your driveway or deck, combines a low pressure water spray with cleaning materials like soap or detergent. It doesn’t rely only on the water pressure alone to clean the exterior surface. This provides a much more gentle cleaning method while maintaining the integrity of the brick surface. 

Another thing to remember is that if you have painted brick, you run the risk of chipping paint. If you would like more information or still have questions about cleaning your brick home, contact us at APro Pressure Wash.

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