Why Pressure Washing is the Right Choice for Graffiti Removal

According to Chron Magazine, the Small Business Administration estimates that vandalism can cost a business an average of $3,370 per incident. In particular, graffiti can deter customers, who may view your establishment as unkempt or unsecure. When it comes to graffiti removal, pressure washing is the best option-here’s why.

Why Pressure Washing is the Right Choice for Graffiti Removal

#1. Less Expensive and Time-Consuming than Painting

Some property owners prefer to cover graffiti by painting over it. While this can prove effective, painting is also more costly and time-consuming. Some markings could even require more than one coat of paint, thereby adding even more to the cost. And while waiting for the paint to dry, the graffiti underneath will still be clearly visible.

Power washing provides almost immediate results, and can be performed in only a short time. There is no need to prep the surface or spend hours painting over graffiti.

#2. Cleans at the Same Time

Regular pressure washing is the best way for your business to maintain a fresh appearance. When you use it to remove graffiti, you’ll also be getting rid of any dirt or grime that is lurking underneath. As a result, your facility could look even better than it did before vandals targeted it.

#3. Prevents more Graffiti

Statistics show that once an area has been covered with graffiti, it is more likely to be tagged again. As such, the best way to eliminate an ongoing problem is to have it removed right away. This is something very easy to do with power washing. Contact us as soon as you notice graffiti so that we can quickly take care of the problem for you.

If your facility has been targeted with graffiti, don’t wait. The sooner you have pressure washing performed, the faster we can restore your building to new again. To schedule professional power washing for your home or business, please contact us.


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