Can Pressure Washing Remove Rust From Metal Surfaces?

Rust is an ugly reality for most metal surfaces that are placed outside. Typically metal surfaces that are prone to rusting are covered with a protective coat of paint to prevent it from forming and corroding the metal away. Yet, that paint is not permanent. It can wear down and rust will form.

Can Pressure Washing Remove Rust From Metal Surfaces?

When you notice rust on your outdoor metal surfaces, you need to act quickly. If left to its own devices, rust will spread and cause damage. When you notice it, you have a few options to remove rust. A wire brush can be effective at scraping away small spots. However, when it comes to large rust patches, a surprising solution for rust removal can be pressure washing.

Everyone knows that rust is caused by moisture, so removing rust with pressure washing seems like a bad idea. However, it is a viable option to remove large patches of rust quickly. Using the correct pressure and spray tip, rust can be removed as quickly as dirt or other grime on any surface. Once done, however, the metal will need to be thoroughly wiped down and dried to remove excess moisture in order to prevent the rust from coming back. Furthermore, to stop new rust from appearing in those areas, they will need to be coated with a new layer of rust-preventative paint. With proper care, pressure washing can be an effective solution for your outdoor metal furniture as well as your wrought iron fencing or doorways.

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