3 Tips For Preparing To Have Your Home Soft Washed

Hiring a professional to soft wash the exterior of your home is an excellent idea. However, before you have them come, it is important that you do a few things to prepare the exterior of your home. Here are three important tips.

3 Tips For Preparing To Have Your Home Soft Washed

Cover Or Close Outdoor Outlets 

It is important that your electrical outlets do not get wet during the washing process. A great way to protect them is to close all the outlet boxes. If you fear that the boxes may somehow come open during the cleaning process, you can also take the time to tape them closed as well. This ensures that they will not open when the pressurized water hits them and can avoid any safety hazards.

Protect Plants 

Another important part of preparing to have your home professionally soft washed is to protect all of your plants. Cover your flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants surrounding your home with a tarp or other protective material. This helps to protect them from the pressurized water and can avoid unnecessary damage. The professional will also see that you have covered these plants and will work hard to make sure that they avoid damaging them.

Close Your Windows

One thing that you must remember to do is close your windows. This may sound quite simple, but if forgotten, it can cause you a great deal of issues. Having water spray in through open windows can cause damage to your home’s interior walls, flooring, decor, furniture, and more. Before the professionals come to soft wash your home, take the time to check all of your windows and ensure that they are firmly closed.

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