Comparison: Pressure Washer vs. Garden Hose

When you need to clean a surface outside of your home or business, you may wonder if a pressure washer is necessary. Perhaps a regular garden hose would be sufficient. Before you decide, take a moment to consider all of these factors:

Comparison: Pressure Washer vs. Garden Hose


Some power washers have the capability to increase water pressure levels by more than 50 times. This makes it possible for them to banish stubborn grime that a regular hose cannot remove. Examples include old chewing gum, algae, mildew and oil stains.

Certain handheld products claim to easily and inexpensively convert hoses into pressure washers. However, news reports and numerous reviews have indicated that they produce lackluster results. A pump and motor are necessary to genuinely raise water pressure levels.

On the other hand, power washing involves more potential danger than using a garden hose. This is true of most power tools. People should only use this equipment if they have the right expertise and protective gear.


Unlike hoses, power washers need a source of energy. Different models use electrical outlets, rechargeable batteries or gasoline. Some units enhance the results by using part of this energy to heat water in addition to boosting the pressure.


Powerful surface-washing equipment costs considerably more than a $25 garden hose. However, it accomplishes tasks far more quickly and delivers superior results in most applications. You can hire a contractor to perform this work at an affordable rate.


A power washer only consumes about one-fifth as much water as a hose. This eco-friendly advantage cuts water and sewer bills. A smaller amount of residual moisture is also less likely to harm your foundation or cause other problems.

Basically, a pressure washer is the best choice except when delicate or fragile materials are involved. If you’re looking for a safe, dependable power washing service, please contact our professional staff for further details.

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