4 Areas in Your Parking Lot That Need Pressure Washing the Most

Pressure washing your commercial building makes the exterior look bright and clean, which is exactly what consumers are looking for. But don’t let the parking lot slip by your notice. Washing and maintaining your parking lot stops first-time visitors from having second thoughts about visiting your store and makes the trip into and out of your store more pleasing. Even if a full parking lot pressure wash isn’t in your regular budget, make sure these four areas get extra attention as often as possible:

4 Areas in Your Parking Lot That Need Pressure Washing the Most

1. The Ends of Pedestrian Crossings

People on foot notice dirt and muck much more than people in their vehicles. Make pedestrian crossings as clean as possible, especially on the sloped ends where dirt and mud are more likely to accumulate. Pressure washing these areas doesn’t just make a good impression on pedestrians — it makes them more likely to use the crosswalks and stay safe on your property.

2. Parking Spots Near Gutters

These parking spots are top contenders for getting more than their fair share of much, mud stains, and even trash. Regularly inspect and clean these spots so they stay usable and give customers a good impression of your business. Failing to remove stains and buildup casts a shadow on the whole parking lot.

3. Curbside Pickup Parking Spots

More and more shoppers are using curbside pickup instead of going into your store, and occasionally that means they’re waiting in your parking lot. While most drivers might be using this stationary moment to check their phones, they’re also going to glance around. Keep these spots clean because shoppers have a longer time to look at (and judge) deepset stains.

4. Areas Under Flowering Trees and Oak Trees

Flowering trees and acorns are a hazard for parking lots with owners that like to run a tight ship. Depending on the season, these trees can smudge, coat, and visually ruin a wide circumference. Get these sections pressure washed more often because they deal with more debris.

At APro Pressure Washing, we can get these messy spots pressure washed and handled. Contact us to let us know what you need.

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