Bring Your Brick Home Back to Life With Sustainable Soft Washing

For many homeowners who live in beautiful brick houses with lovely colored hues of brown or red brick, maintaining the captivating charm of their homes is beneficial to not only the curb appeal of their homes, but their homes’ overall value as well.  Over time, brick can begin to look faded, dirty and present with much wear and tear.  Often, when this occurs, homeowners look to power washing their homes because they think it is the best option for extending the lifespan of their home and its resale value. 

Bring Your Brick Home Back to Life With Sustainable Soft Washing

Here at APro Pressure Washing, we do not recommend power washing your brick home since brick is porous and is not waterproof.  This means that the bricks can easily retain water.  When water is retained, the brick can become damaged and decay over time and the now distressed brick can chip and even begin to recede. 

Bring Your Beautiful Brick Back to Life with Soft Washing

If your brick house is beginning to look weathered and old and has lost its curb appeal, you want to be sure that you choose an effective and sustainable means of washing your home.  Soft washing is the ideal option when it comes to washing your brick house.  Brick is by far one of the strongest materials for a home’s exterior on the market today.  However, the team here at APro Pressure Washing wants all our valued clients to understand that though it is the strongest material, safely cleaning and washing a brick exterior is a remarkably delicate issue altogether.

Although power washing is a preferred method of washing the average home because of its ability to remove layers of elements, debris and dirt and bring the surface of a home back to life, soft washing a brick house actually targets the prime root and source of all the microbes and debris on the surface of the brick.  The soft washing process involves the use of biodegradable cleaners that are able to break up the contaminants on the surface of the brick.  With a rinse that is low pressure, you can easily and effectively remove the contaminants by way of safe soft washing. 

The Professionals You Can Trust

Here at APro Pressure Washing, our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is steadfast in their commitment to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality services on this side of the state.  When you rely upon our professionals, rest assured we will not leave you with a home that is discolored or dingy or lacks curb appeal.  If you have a brick house, soft washing will last nearly 8 to 10 times longer than typical power washing because it will make the brick material more resilient rather than vulnerable to surface damage.  For all your power, pressure and soft washing needs, be sure to contact us.  You’ll be more than glad you did!

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