4 Signs It’s Time to Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex’s Outdoor Common Area

If your apartment complex offers outdoor amenities, then you’re going to see a lot more demand for your units. While there’s a surging flow of demand in the DFW area as more and more companies relocate their headquarters to local industrial parks, you can use the resource to attract longer-term tenants from your target market.

4 Signs It's Time to Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex's Outdoor Common Area

But having outdoor amenities isn’t enough. It’s also important to keep them clean. Here are four signs that your outdoor picnic areas, paths, and playgrounds are overdue for a cleaning:

1. The surfaces look dingy.

It can be hard to pick up on if you see the exterior of your complex every day. But if you, tenants, or prospective tenants feel like the surfaces are getting a bit dim or dingy, hire a pressure washing service. Not only does this extend the life of paths, hardscaping features, and more, but it can also make them look like new improvements.

2. You’ve struggled with erosion.

If you’ve had to install retaining walls over the past year or the sidewalks are frequently covered in mud or standing water, it’s time to get everything pressure washed. All of that moving dirt leaves dirt behind the crevices and any porous services. This can make the sidewalks and patios look splotchy.

3. Fewer people are using the resources.

Your outdoor amenities might not really be dirty, but they can still look unattractive with a ground in a layer of dirt. Tenants might not be avoiding them they way they would if there was trash or hornet’s nest, but they’ll be less likely to use them. If you notice decreased outdoor activity, give everything a wash.

4. It’s almost summer.

Get your outdoor common areas pressure washed at least once a year. The best time is when winter is really over but before summer starts. That means your playground, swimming pool, and picnic areas at your apartment complex will look fresh when school ends and summer holidays bring in visitors and extended family.

Go to APro Pressure Washing to schedule a one-off appointment or to schedule regular cleanings.

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